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Meesters RJ, Zhang J, van Huizen NA, Hooff GP, Gruters RA, Luider TM. Dried Matrix on paper disks: the next generation DBS microsampling technique for managing the hematocrit effect in DBS analysis.  Bioanalysis. 2012;4(16):2027-2035.

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Open access journal -- "Journal of Applied Bioanalysis"​​


Automation with Hamilton Liquid Handler 

​Having a hard time learning how to use and manage Hamilton STAR liquid handlers?  We can help.

  • HSPA Basic package can simplify daily use of Hamilton liquid handler
  • No need to program your method with Hamilton Venus
  • Simple graphical user interface to generate and modify methods
  • Simple user interface to enter information during runtime
  • Flexible sample position information import form text or excel files

​​Application note: HSPA-A universal graphical user interface for the Hamilton Microlab STAR liquid handler, Journal of Applied Bioanalysis, Vol.2, No.1, Pages 38-44,  http://betasciencepress.com/index.php/jab16006

An prototype machine developed by Scinomix to automatically transfer DMPD samples from cartridges to 96-well plates for further extraction. Suitable for analyzing large quantities of samples.

Automated DMPD Sample Transfer 

A tool to manually transfer dried matrix paper discs from cartridges to a 96-well plate for extraction.

Vacuum Tweezer

A glass capillary with fixed volume (5µL or 10 µL) attached to a micro plastic pipette.  It can be used to put liquid samples onto paper discs in DMPD cartridges.  It is also a perfect tool to collect samples for whole blood microsampling.

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SurePet fixed-volume capillary micropipette

DMPD derived from pre-cut Dried Blood Spots (DBS) to improve DBS performance and data quality.  DMPD cartridges were developed in 2010 and have been used in preclinical and clinical studies to analyze blood, plasma, and other biological liquid samples.

Unlike DBS, the sample volume is controlled by either fixed-volume spotting or paper disc saturation (a volumetric microsampling concept we used first). 

With fixed volume spots on a paper disc and whole spot extraction, the analysis results are accurate without effect from hematocrit variations.

A DMPD cartridge can hold 6 replicates of dried samples for repeated analysis.  Same high quality DBS paper may be used to maintain data quality.  However, per sample cost is significantly lower.

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DMPD (Dried Matrix on Paper Disc)

About us: RockTown Technology and Service is the US distributor of Dried Matrix on Paper Disc (DMPD) sample cartridges manufactured by NanJing GouTong Power Equipment Technology, China. 

Please contact us at reps.rocktown@gmail.com for more details.  Thank you for visiting our site.

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